Sentinel Cross Roundrobin Part III
By: Andrew Lowery

Recap (for those who don't pay attention or are new) There have been two decapitations in the city of Cascade. However they found out, Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully arrive to 'help out' our favorite detectives. Duncan MacLeod has arrived in Cascade for a sword convention but is intercepted by Jim and Blair to ask a few questions. Agent Mulder has suspensions of Jim and Duncan's history.

Part III

Conner stormed out of Simon's office soon followed by Agents Mulder and Scully. All of which does not go unnoticed by the three men at Ellison's desk.

"What's wrong Megan?" asks Jim.

"Wrong! I tell you what's wrong!" Megan almost growls instead of speaking, "Agent Mulder is what's wrong! He won't shut up about aliens and paranormal events and how every thing he discovers is made non-existent by a secret faction within the FBI itself!"

Blair whistles, "That's some heavy stuff. I'm surprise he's not in a psychiatric ward."

Mulder enters the conversation, "Actually...ugh!"

"Shut up Mulder," Scully interrupts hitting Mulder hard in the gut, "So where's the body?"

"It's in the morgue, in the basement, third doorway on the left," Jim answers quickly as possible so that Scully and Mulder could get out of his hair.

"Thanks." With that Scully leaves dragging Mulder behind her before he can cause more trouble with the Cascade PD.

After the elevator doors close Simon's phone rings, mumbling is heard then a click, "Ellison, Sandburg! My office now!"

Jim and Blair enter Simon's office, "There's been a another headless body found at the landfill."

"The landfill?" moans Jim.

"Sorry Jim I know the smell will be bad but they only found the body, so far there's no trace of the head or the victim's sword." Explains Simon.

"I don't want to dig though other people's garbage," whines Blair.

"And don't want you to either, but someone's got to do it. "They all ponder for a minute and come up with the same guy, "Agent Mulder!"

Later at the Cascade Landfill Jim, Blair, Duncan, Simon and Agent Scully, with Mulder digging though the Garbage looking for the missing body part and weapon.

"Mulder stop that or else you'll walk back to Washington DC," Scully thinks for a moment, "On second thought you are walking back."

"Scully that's not fair," by this time Mulder is covered in mud, garbage and possibly several aliens virus strains which he himself has not come up with yet.

"I think it is," mutters Jim who ever with his senses turned down still smells the reek of garbage.

Around the taped off area Blair and Duncan search for the head and the sword with out trying to dig for them. Blair's foot goes into a possible, on closer inspection Blair sees it's the missing head, "Ahh!" Blair falls back flinging the head into the air, which is caught by Mulder.

"Hey something ate the eyeballs!"

"Eww! Mulder!"

Mean while Duncan has found the sword and is examining it closely, "Hmm, very interesting."

End Part III